About the Founder

Veronica Phillips - It's All PossibleVeronica L. Phillips is President of iap Consultants, LLC, a holistic marketing and training firm specializing in life and business coaching.

Their goal is to eliminate negative life patterns as well as spiritual and emotional obstacles that prevent entrepreneurs, start-up companies, small businesses and potential leaders, from their optimal level of success.

Veronica blends traditional and unconventional business methodologies that are customized for each iap client through the utilization of intuitive marketing and corporate management strategies.

This has led to the creation of “The iap System”™, a step-by-step plan that provides iap clients with the tools that they can choose to use in order to achieve the goals that they have for themselves both personally and professionally!

Veronica has over 25 years of experience with both the for profit and non-profit sectors in sales, marketing, customer service and group presentations.

She has a BA in Social Psychology, and a Master of Arts in Organizational Management .

What people are saying about iap Consultants, LLC

It was a true pleasure to meet you and work with you, and we frankly could not have done it without you. Despite the “bumps” in the transition from me to you being the campaign manager, I think we all performed extraordinarily well under pressure and, obviously, the results speak louder than words. You brought an element to the campaign that neither Vic nor I could have done.

iap Consultants’ Veronica L. Phillips gave me a business consultation for over an hour that burst at the seams with ideas and suggestions, both professionally as well as personally. My husband and I have our own company and as a result we are wearing all the hats. Veronica helped me realize how this has affected my life and happiness up to this point by listening very carefully and asking direct questions. She encouraged me to open up to her in a non-threatening way and coached me to listen to my answers in which she and I found a lot of clues and answers.

Her friendly voice, filled with enthusiasm and encouragement, made it easy to talk to her and listen to her ideas. I filled three pages on my notepad, yet I feel less overwhelmed than I did before the coaching because my work feels more cut out for me now.

I have found Veronica Phillips to be an exceptional aide in my time in Arizona. Her counsel and support have been laser sharp and usually surprising. She has consistently gone beyond the obvious in her wisdom and perceptions. This is important in someone functioning as a consultant.

Veronica is a gift to any business enterprise. I have found her services incalculably worthwhile and recommend her wholeheartedly and without reservation.

I’ve worked with Veronica for over a year and couldn’t be more pleased with the results. She’s assisted me in thinking about my business in a totally different way. The phrase ‘out of the box’ is so over used, but that’s exactly what she allowed me to do. Practicality is the key word when working with Vhee. Providing spoon sized, life changing perspectives is how she works, and changed my life for the better. Over the past year, I’ve doubled the size of my business, and expect to do the same again this year. Veronica’s ideas are sound, trustworthy and what you need to hear. I can wholeheartedly endorse Veronica and IAP Consulting.