iap Services

Marketing Services

  • Trade / Industry Show Design
  • Television / Radio Production and Placement
  • Website Design and Maintenance
  • iap Services - It's All PossiblePress Releases
  • Ad Copy and Design
  • Brochure and Business Card Design
  • Business and Event Photography (Individual and Groups)
  • Printing Services
  • Made-to-Order Giveaways
  • Personalized Awards

iap Services - It's All PossibleAnd the Twist…

  • Coaching: Life / Business / Career
  • Customized On-Site Training
  • Motivational Speaking
  • Leadership Development Retreats
  • Professional Organizing
  • Image Consulting
  • Financial Planning
  • In-House Company Assessments

iap Services - It's All Possible

What people are saying about iap Consultants, LLC

With uncommon grace, Veronica Phillips guides clients as they create goals, identify success criteria, and develop action plans. She is a beacon of clarity.
Angie Record, Ph.D.

You were delightful and strong in your presentation. It was very nice to feel the people and the room sending so much warmth back to you! As you know, not easy to create that in any room, but to create that in a room of disconnected individuals, is very hard….and YOU did it!!

These tools in us – be it strength, passion, a vision that needed some guidance or just some validation- these are things that Veronica has an innate gift of activating. These are tools that Veronica has activated in myself. Somewhere along the line I forgot that I had value and talent and that I deserved to recognize my dreams. She helped me realize that I have a purpose. Veronica helped me look deep into myself and my truths and what I was hiding from and what was holding me back. These realizations she helped me have were a gift- a gift to allow myself to thrive. With a combination of her insight, intelligence, passion, never ending plethora of brilliant ideas, ingenious resources and intense drive, Veronica whole heartedly devoted herself to my better cause. She wanted me to succeed because she knows I deserve to.

Veronica gave me tools to succeed in business because she gave me tools to succeed as myself.
 Graphic Arts Designer-San Francisco, CA