My personal coach from my mortgage, real estate years, Ms. Veronica Philips, recently sent me her Summer Special which I like to pass it on to you all. If you want to take your business to the next level and to further enrich your personal life, I would strongly recommend you to give her a call. She had helped personally and professional and I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed. Tell her that I send you. Thanks.

With uncommon grace, Veronica Phillips guides clients as they create goals, identify success criteria, and develop action plans. She is a beacon of clarity.
Angie Record, Ph.D.

It was a true pleasure to meet you and work with you, and we frankly could not have done it without you. Despite the “bumps” in the transition from me to you being the campaign manager, I think we all performed extraordinarily well under pressure and, obviously, the results speak louder than words. You brought an element to the campaign that neither Vic nor I could have done.

I really appreciate you as a coach. You are certainly clearing all the years of clutter.

You were delightful and strong in your presentation. It was very nice to feel the people and the room sending so much warmth back to you! As you know, not easy to create that in any room, but to create that in a room of disconnected individuals, is very hard….and YOU did it!!

Wow! Thank YOU, Veronica. I so appreciate you, your kindness, your straightforwardness, your strength, and your talent. I love you even more with my whole team! You are amazing! Your suggestions, enthusiasm, and expertise are just what we need. Please know that. From the bottom of my heart.

Veronica was prompt, well prepared, full of energy, and had excellent follow through. She gave us handouts that related to the topic, which focused on motivating and improving relationships with employees. As supervisors, we tend to assume things about employee’s wants and needs. She was able to give us specific solutions to relate better to the employee and not assume so much. The lessons we learned, along with some of Veronica’s tips, will help us motivate our employees to have better performance, responsibility, and overall job satisfaction.
Dan Harn,
Department Manager, Mechanical Design Analysis Documentation, Mechanical Subsystems Directorate, Raytheon Missile Systems (RMS)

You business card design is out of this world in so many ways! In its simplicity and emotional impact. Fantastic job!!

You have done an amazing job with the ad!! The words are powerful.

Thank you soooo much!!! You are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was thinking about you and all the things you’ve been doing to help me succeed and progress spiritually and professionally. I thank you for exposing me to the new environments that you have. Rocky Balboa had Mickey, Obama and every other president had and has a country full of assistants/coaches/helpers, and in all businesses there is usually a manager and an assistant manager. I’m sure you catch my drift. I have prayed on my behavior, our meetings, my business, my not valuing myself and I must say I’m ready to accept better. Thank you thank you thank you…for your straight forward, no sugar coating yet tender enough encouragement. Just wanted to drop a few lines to let you know you are appreciated.

Thank you for giving me time to digest all that we talked about. I was an emotional wreck and you guided me to clearer thoughts.

Thank you for meeting with me. I got a ton out of it, which isn’t easy for me to do. I typically do not get much out of group consultations and motivational speakers. As great as he is, Zig Zigler does nothing for me. But you are different and provide the exact insight I need to get results. Thank you so much. I appreciate your wisdom. I feel privileged and honored to be a client of yours.

I have to say that I wasn’t really sure how well the consultation would work since we were on the phone, how could you really get to know and help me if we are not face to face. However I was really amazed at the gift that Veronica has! I say gift because only a gifted person can really get to know and understand who you are in a short amount of time and over the phone. Our two hour conversation felt like 5 minutes, but by far it was the best two hours I have spent on the phone with anyone. I learned a lot about myself, there were moments when I wanted to cry. I thank God for placing Veronica in my life because she has helped open my eyes in so many ways. You are amazing Veronica, thank you!!!
Ebone Marie Lewis

These tools in us – be it strength, passion, a vision that needed some guidance or just some validation- these are things that Veronica has an innate gift of activating. These are tools that Veronica has activated in myself. Somewhere along the line I forgot that I had value and talent and that I deserved to recognize my dreams. She helped me realize that I have a purpose. Veronica helped me look deep into myself and my truths and what I was hiding from and what was holding me back. These realizations she helped me have were a gift- a gift to allow myself to thrive. With a combination of her insight, intelligence, passion, never ending plethora of brilliant ideas, ingenious resources and intense drive, Veronica whole heartedly devoted herself to my better cause. She wanted me to succeed because she knows I deserve to. Veronica gave me tools to succeed in business because she gave me tools to succeed as myself.
Graphic Arts Designer-San Francisco, CA

I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Veronica for the past decade. Her insight, professionalism, candor, and compassion is impressive. I have worked with Veronica on a personal and professional level, most recently hiring her to be a presenter/team builder for our staff retreat in July 2012. Veronica brought a great deal to our group and we continue to see positive results from her work with us. I cannot recommend Veronica highly enough. She is truly a breath of fresh air and her services are second-to-none!
Ethan Smith Cox
Director of Development, Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation (SAAF)

At first, Veronica told me I wasn’t ready to hear the truth and so I asked her to give me a chance and to let me show her I was. We made some agreements and we took it one session at a time. The way she challenged me and the insight she shared was uncomfortable at times, but personal development is about the willingness to be uncomfortable and to take an honest look at what you fear the most and identifying those parts in your life that are holding you back. Without the honesty, insight and confidence Veronica showed me and by her trusting me enough, and allowing me to prove I was ready to hear the truth…I would not be where I am today without her. She is a blessing and has an incredible gift that she shares openly to move you to a higher level. If you’re willing to do the work and be open to change, there is no better Coach than Veronica to lead you towards success.
Gina Gavan
Entrepreneur, Las Vegas, Nevada

Great, fantastic news! I accepted their offer today and he has already sent me the offer letter.

I want to thank you so very much for your incredible support and guidance during this amazing journey. I have learned to believe more in myself……and trust that the Universe is working on my behalf. I am soooooo very grateful for this opportunity to Reach Higher! I am sooooo excited about all of this….there are no words. Gratitude, gratitude.

I have a deep appreciation for how you handled our meeting with such skill and finesse. I have not seen so much talent in a long time!

I wish to thank you for providing such insight and support. As I sit here in my office several hours have passed since our call and your words and thoughts are still resonating within me. I have spoken with the other managing partner in Minnesota and he responded in a very positive manner when I used the exact words and phrases that you used. I look forward to incorporating your recommendations in my business and my personal process. I know that we shall remain in touch.

Thank you! It’s thanks to you that I realize I MATTER!!!!!!!!!!! Yippeee!

THANK YOU for giving me the tools and confidence to honor myself in so many ways.

iap Consultants’ Veronica L. Phillips gave me a business consultation for over an hour that burst at the seams with ideas and suggestions, both professionally as well as personally. My husband and I have our own company and as a result we are wearing all the hats. Veronica helped me realize how this has affected my life and happiness up to this point by listening very carefully and asking direct questions. She encouraged me to open up to her in a non-threatening way and coached me to listen to my answers in which she and I found a lot of clues and answers.

Her friendly voice, filled with enthusiasm and encouragement, made it easy to talk to her and listen to her ideas. I filled three pages on my notepad, yet I feel less overwhelmed than I did before the coaching because my work feels more cut out for me now.

“Vee is by far a stand out incredible intuitive and business coach with all life issues….. she diligently guides you with tools and insights to empower your soul. She gives both practical support with brilliant spirit to assist you to move in the way to meet your desires in work, relationships, and self development. Vee goes above and beyond!”
Lisa Sara Cohen

You made it a very special event, and evening. Folks really appreciated your presentation, as did all of us. Job well done!!

Thank you again for your generosity of time and self during our call this evening. I’m very happy that we’ve connected. Thank you also for your support and encouragement…Again, my thanks.

Veronica combines careful listening with a quick grasp of opportunities and resources. She required I pay attention to how I am thinking about success, and focus on what I have in front of me to do. This focused approach to coaching helped me to get beyond baby steps. Now I am much more confidently striding into meetings with clients. I’m much clearer about how I can meet a clients [sic] needs, and this makes selling easier and more natural. I recommend Veronica’s coaching without reserve – she made a big difference in four brief sessions that I will never forget.

Michael Ray
Nurse Tree Arch

I have to admit that there hasn’t been a time that after meeting with you I’m not inspired. Thank you for being on my side and in my corner. You are a valuable part of my business and my life.

“By working with Veronica, I have learned to set priorities, achieve, goals, and manage time in a more productive way. Her innovative business and consulting strategies were specifically designed to help me make the transformation from good to great, and from busy work to meaningful production.”
Account Executive

…My faith in god has grown much stronger. I am happy and excited about the next chapter…. sooooooo. I’d kinda like some guidance, maybe as far as my own personal growth is concerned… don’t take this wrong, but I don’t feel as I NEED u [anymore]…I just want to connect with u, so that’s a HUGE improvement. I feel strong again. Thank u!

Thank you for all the helpful suggestions, recommendations, referrals, ideas, and for your giving spirit.

I showed Veronica my website and within minutes, she totally revised the text of my website in a way that I felt clients would be more likely to contact me.
Phyllis Winslow
Energy Healer (www.EnergyBalancingAZ.com)

I want to thank you for the exiting speaking presentation which you made to our group, . You came well prepared, and delivered the material in a most professional manner. The subject was very timely for us, and everyone there was careful to take notes. We all appreciated that you were concise and made each of your points so powerfully. The presentation started and ended right on schedule, and left each of us well equipped with useful tips on how to really improve our marketing, and get the results we need.
Richard Kovell
South Side Business Alliance

I have found Veronica Phillips to be an exceptional aide in my time in Arizona. Her counsel and support have been laser sharp and usually surprising. She has consistently gone beyond the obvious in her wisdom and perceptions. This is important in someone functioning as a consultant.

Veronica is a gift to any business enterprise. I have found her services incalculably worthwhile and recommend her wholeheartedly and without reservation.

If your business hasn’t been growing like you would like, I’d like to suggest that you email Veronica at veronica@iapconsultants.com. She gave me four hours of coaching and the ideas she suggested were very beneficial. I am teaching them to my team. Veronica has a list of questions and then “listens” to your answer. She can pull out the real problem easily and gives you the tools to get on the right track. I will be forever grateful for the information that I received from her.
Sandra Fatovich

Thanks for taking time to help me believe that i am worthy, and that I will no longer settle. My life & my children’s life will forever be changed. I thank you.

I am going to tell you something Veronica, in reality the honor is mine. You are doing something for our cause that I probably would be doing on a half ass basis ’cause I don’t know what I am doing. Sure I could become competent at it by picking folks brains and reading up on it but you come already packing with knowledge, experience, intuition & willingness to help. That makes it my honor my dear sister…

Veronica is truly gifted. She has an exceptional talent for identifying her clients’ career paths. After my first consultation with Veronica I had a clear understanding of my strengths and how they can be utilized in my dream career!

I have to thank you in advance of our meeting. After meeting with you, things really began to “click.” My sales manager said “You seem to have a much higher level of confidence…what happened?” I just feel so “in control” now…I haven’t made any sales yet but I know I’m on the right track now. I have a feeling that I will be buying you a nice dinner very soon !

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I’ve worked with Veronica for over a year and couldn’t be more pleased with the results. She’s assisted me in thinking about my business in a totally different way. The phrase ‘out of the box’ is so over used, but that’s exactly what she allowed me to do. Practicality is the key word when working with Vhee. Providing spoon sized, life changing perspectives is how she works, and changed my life for the better. Over the past year, I’ve doubled the size of my business, and expect to do the same again this year. Veronica’s ideas are sound, trustworthy and what you need to hear. I can wholeheartedly endorse Veronica and IAP Consulting.