The iap Process

The iap Process - It's All PossibleJust 5 Easy Steps!

  1. Contact iap Consultants, LLC by either calling (520) 232-1122 OR emailing the President and founder of iap Consultants, LLC, Veronica (“VEE”) Phillips at to set up your COMPLIMENTARY no-obligation confidential 1-hour telephone consultation.
  2. Once scheduled, you will call Veronica at the above number. Be prepared to take notes!
  3. During the first 30 minutes, Veronica will begin by interviewing you about your business, asking a variety of questions ranging from the benefits of your location to your personnel requirements (if appropriate) to your long-term goals.
  4. The iap Process - It's All PossibleThe remaining 1/2 hour or so will have Veronica providing you with honest, tangible and realistic recommendations for you, and your company. Start taking notes! Depending on your circumstances, she will give you anywhere from 5 to 25 ideas and suggestions, most of which, you will be able to implement RIGHT AWAY!
  5. Once the consultation has concluded and she’s asked for your feedback regarding this experience, neither Veronica nor her associates will contact you again, (unless you want them to)! “Whether you choose to work with iap consultants as a result of this free consultation is not important. What is important to us is that you implement the recommendations given to enhance you AND your business”, Veronica notes. “Once you’ve unblocked the issues you have surrounding your perspective of “success”, you’re home free!”

What people are saying about iap Consultants, LLC

Wow! Thank YOU, Veronica. I so appreciate you, your kindness, your straightforwardness, your strength, and your talent. I love you even more with my whole team! You are amazing! Your suggestions, enthusiasm, and expertise are just what we need. Please know that. From the bottom of my heart.

“By working with Veronica, I have learned to set priorities, achieve, goals, and manage time in a more productive way. Her innovative business and consulting strategies were specifically designed to help me make the transformation from good to great, and from busy work to meaningful production.”
Account Executive